Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Artist - Katie Melua

Album - Call Off The Search


1. Call Off the Search
2. Crawling Up a Hill
3. Closest Thing to Crazy
4. My Aphrodisiac Is You
5. Learnin' the Blues
6. Blame It On the Moon
7. Belfast
8. I Think It's Going to Rain Today
9. Mockingbird Song
10. Tiger in the Night
11. Faraway Voice
12. Lilac Wine

Track number one (the title track): A soulful love song with a slow, memorable beat. Ms. Melua's voice shows great range here. 4/5.

Track number two: A funky, bluesy tune with class-warfare undertones. 3/5.

Track number three: Lovely melody, with a tone that gradually builds and falls in repetition (except in the chorus). 4/5.

Track number four: Funky. Sounds like something they'd play in a strip club. Can't wait to see the music video! (Ms. Melua is quite attractive...) 4/5.

Track number five: Too slo-o-o-ow. Music for insomniacs. 2/5.

Track number six: Nice tune, until you realize it's basically a song about a chick trying to justify having had sexual intercourse with someone she barely knows the night before. 3/5.

Track number seven: Amateurish song about the religiously-divided city of Belfast. If you can get past the inane lyrics, the tune is decent. 3/5.

Track number eight: Best song on the album. Will almost certainly be a part of a future Disney animated movie's soundtrack. Hauntingly-beautiful, bitter-sweet song. 5/5.

Track number nine: Attempts to be sensual by using erotic double-entendre. Succeeds only in being corny. 3/5.

Track number ten: Decent for filler. But it's still filler. 2/5.

Track number eleven: It's a "dedication" song. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 1/5.

Track number twelve: Odd song. More filler. And pretty much crap. 2/5.

Overall: 3/5. Worth buying, but not for every song. They could have cut off the last three tracks and this CD would be missing nothing. Shades of both Norah Jones and a young Jewel.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


They destroy LA in Game Five, despite Kobe's "guarantee." Detroit wins its 3rd NBA Championship ever. And the pundits have a lot of crow to eat...

Monday, June 14, 2004


On Game Four.

Defends Detroit from LA's attacks.
Drew Sharp

On Game Four.
Pistons Win Game Four!

Final score: 88-80. Detroit is now just a single victory away from becoming NBA Champs.

Rasheed exploded for 26, as Kobe and Phil Jackson both imploded, garnering technical fouls.

Game Five is Tuesday night, in Detroit.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Drew Sharp

On Game Three.
Mitch Albom

On Game Three.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Pistons Dismantle Lakers 88-68

They won a must-win game, and now lead the series 2-1. If they win Game Four, they will likely be the champs. But if they let the Lakers tie this series back up, the series will be destined to head back to LA. And that isn't so good...

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Possible Error

I most recently posted that Rasheed Wallace fouled Shaq on a lay-up, giving the Lakers a three point play with under a minute left. I may have been wrong. It may in fact have been Ben Wallace who committed that foul.

I am receiving conflicting reports. If you have a definitive cite on this matter, please E-mail me. Rob32909 at MSN dot com.

Anyway, Game Three nears. The Pistons MUST win this one if they want to win this series. I'll be watching, and posting...

Detroit was just a few seconds away from going up 2-0. Then Kobe tied it up with a three point shot. Then the Pistons collapsed in overtime. And lost 99-91.

I blame Rasheed for this loss. With less than a minute remaining, he fouled Shaq on an easy lay-up, giving the Lakers a three point play. This allowed LA to cut Detroit's lead from 6 to 3. If Rasheed doesn't foul in this situation, Detroit is still up by four. And the Lakers can't tie it with one shot. And the Pistons likely win this game.

Then, after Kobe nailed his game-tying three pointer, Rasheed bobbled the ball and turned it over with 2 seconds left, blowing Detoit's chance to win it in regulation.

And then, just for good measure, he put up a horrid looking three point shot early in the overtime period, helping the Lakers maintain their momentum and extend their lead.

If Detroit had gone up 2-0, with the next three games to be played at The Palace, this series would have pretty much been in the books. But now it's all tied up, and Los Angeles has the momentum. Detroit needs to win Game Three, or else they're in real trouble...

Monday, June 07, 2004

The Lakers

Talk about being hated.
Tampa Bay Wins The Stanley Cup!

In a wild finish, Tampa Bay hangs on 2-1 in Game Seven.

Let's see...Tampa Bay this year in hockey and a couple years ago in football...and the Marlins last year in baseball...now a Florida team needs to win it all in basketball. Maybe the Heat next season?
David Leon Moore On Game One

This typo-riddled column is barely worth reading. The major contention is that the Lakers didn't really play that hard, and that's why they lost.

Whatever. Let's not give the winning team any credit here, or anything...
Mike Lopresti

On Game One in the USA Today.

Pretty weak column, but he displays the arrogance of Los Angeles with this quote:

O'Neal's analysis of how the Lakers had approached Game 1? "Too cool," he said.

"I just think it's more us. ... We beat ourselves."

This is why I hate the Lakers so much. They don't give their opponent any credit. They assume that they lost the game, not that the other team won it. Unmatched arrogance...

Drew Sharp

On the Game One victory.

I don't really like Sharp. He's too much of a pessimist. He didn't even pick the Pistons to get to the Eastern Conference Finals, and gave them almost no chance against the Lakers. But still, he writes a pretty good column.
Mitch Albom

On Detroit's Game One win.

Best quote:

"Nervous?" Ben Wallace said, after the Pistons' first game in the NBA Finals since 1990. "Well, I think my first jump shot was a 15-footer that went 13 feet. But we relaxed faster than they did. And after a while it became a regular game."

Sunday, June 06, 2004

An Open Letter To All Those Lakers Fans Who Thought This Series Would Be A Four Game Sweep For LA

Dear Lakers Fans Who Thought This Series Would Be A Four Game Sweep For LA,

Go fuck yourselves.


Robert J. Elliott

(Oh yeah, the Pistons won Game One by 12 points, in Los Angeles.)

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Ronald Reagan

The world mourns.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Titled The Liberals' Creed

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


A great come-from-behind victory at home. Now, on to Los Angeles!!!

Corliss Williamson


He's awful. He's been horrible this entire playoff season. Kick him to the curb, ASAP.