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South Africa

Well on its way to becoming another Zimbabwe...

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Grading the candidates on immigration

The Republicans

The Democrats
Learning from Diversity

Interesting column, here.

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Week 12 Picks


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RJ's NFL Picks, Week Eleven

Published here

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At Blogcritics Magazine

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RJ's NFL Picks

Week Seven!

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RJ's NFL Picks

Week Six

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Week Three NFL Picks

Check 'em out.

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NFL Picks

Week Two is up at BlogCritics.

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Osama Tape Released

Take a look at this partial transcript. It literally reads like something a Democrat Presidential candidate would say!

Oh, and for you 9/11 Troofers out there: Osama (again) admits to doing it. So, kindly FOAD. Thanks.

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Are You Ready For Some Football?

RJ's NFL Picks, Week One

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More racism from Hugo Chávez Frías:

The ideological rivalry intensified as Bush arrived in Uruguay, the second stop of his tour, while Chavez drew support from thousands of Argentines at an "anti-imperialist" rally across the River Plate in neighboring Argentina.

Chavez led the crowd of union workers and leftists in shouting "Gringo, Go Home!" against Bush.

The usual liberal American idiots will gloat about this. I wonder if they realize that their reception in Latin America would not be very welcoming, because of their race and nationality...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Is Racism?

An insightful column by Thomas Jackson.

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