Sunday, August 29, 2004


My interview with Dan Oliver, the CEO of W Ketchup™, can be found here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bob Dole Attacks Kerry!

From here:

Former Republican Sen. Bob Dole suggested Sunday that John Kerry apologize for past testimony before Congress about alleged atrocities during the Vietnam War and joined critics of the Democratic presidential candidate who say he received an early exit from combat for "superficial wounds."

Dole also called on Kerry to release all the records of his service in Vietnam.


Dole told CNN's "Late Edition" that he warned Kerry months ago about going "too far" and that the Democrat may have himself to blame for the current situation, in which polls show him losing support among veterans.

"One day he's saying that we were shooting civilians, cutting off their ears, cutting off their heads, throwing away his medals or his ribbons," Dole said. "The next day he's standing there, 'I want to be president because I'm a Vietnam veteran.' Maybe he should apologize to all the other 2.5 million veterans who served. He wasn't the only one in Vietnam," said Dole, whose World War II wounds left him without the use of his right arm.

Dole added: "And here's, you know, a good guy, a good friend. I respect his record. But three Purple Hearts and never bled that I know of. I mean, they're all superficial wounds. Three Purple Hearts and you're out."

It's good to hear Robert Dole, a real American hero, speak out about John Kerry's shameful record in Vietnam.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Kerry Loses His Cool

From here:
FORT MYERS, Fla./CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) - Democrat John Kerry asked the Federal Election Commission on Friday to force Republican critics to withdraw ads challenging his military service and accused the Bush campaign of illegally helping coordinate the attacks as the presidential race took a decidedly bitter turn.

Bush's campaign advisers denied any involvement in advertisements by the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and the White House, in a new line of attack, criticized Kerry for "losing his cool" over the accusations.

Apparently it's okay for a foreign billionaire to give millions of dollars to a shrill anti-Bush group that runs ads accusing the President of cowardice and comparing him to Hitler. But if over 250 Vietnam veterans, many of them highly-decorated, dare to criticize Kerry and offer a differing point-of-view regarding events that occurred in Vietnam, they are to be muzzled.

I always knew Democrats despised the Second Amendment. But I didn't know they hated the First Amendment as well.

From here:
The unusual late-August maneuvering highlighted the closeness of the race for the White House and came as polls offered the first hint that the questioning of Kerry's medal-winning service in the Vietnam War - allegations that he strongly condemned this week as lies - were taking a political toll.

One poll found that more than half the voters questioned had seen or heard of an ad by Swift Boat Veterans For Truth that accuses Kerry of lying about events that earned him five medals in Vietnam a generation ago. The University of Pennsylvania's National Annenberg Election Survey also found that 44 percent of self-described independent voters found the ad very or somewhat believable.

Separately, a CBS poll found a sharp drop in Kerry's support among both veterans since the end of the Democratic Convention.

Good. The mainstream media had been derelict in their duty to look into Kerry's claims to be a "war hero." It took the Swift Boat Vets to finally get the media off their collective asses and bring this to the attention of the voting public.

These veterans have already proven Kerry to be a liar regarding his "Christmas in Cambodia" claim, which he said was "seared - SEARED - into [his] memory." How many more distortions, exaggerations, and outright lies will now come to light?

More from here:

Cutter sought to turn the argument over presidential readiness back on the White House. "Mr. McClellan needs to understand that John Kerry is not the type of leader who will sit and read 'My Pet Goat' to a group of second graders while America is under attack," she said.

That was a reference to Sept. 11, 2001, when Bush remained in an elementary school classroom for several minutes after being informed by an aide that the World Trade Center had been hit.

Well, it's good to see that the Kerry camp is taking the high-road here...

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RIP, Dan

My cousin passed away last night, from cancer. He was a good man, and a devoted Christian.

If there is a God, he is surely with Him now.

Rest In Peace, Daniel.

Monday, August 09, 2004


Check out what these Vietnam veterans have to say about John Kerry here.
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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kerry On The Issues

Kerry on abortion:

I oppose it on moral grounds (it's a human life), but still support it (it's NOT a human life)

Kerry on taxes:

I'll cut taxes on "working families" and RAISE taxes on the "rich" (high-income earners who apparently don't work in my world, because after all I'm a billionaire and I don't even bother to show up for work at the Senate, I just married some crazy old broad who was previously married to a Republican Senator who died horribly)

Kerry on the war in Iraq:

I supported the war, no, wait, I supported threatening to go to war, but I opposed funding it, but I voted to support funding it before I voted to oppose funding it, and I think it was all a mistake, but I'm glad Saddam is no longer in power, and I will stay the course there, except I'll bring our troops home. Oh, and Bush misled everyone with the same information that I had that led me to vote for the war. Except I didn't vote for the actual war, I voted for a different war, in which people are not killed and it doesn't cost any money that could be better spent on more firemen and Heinz ketchup

Kerry on the Death Penalty:

I oppose it, because I feel life in prison is worse than a quick and painless death, except I support it in the case of terrorists, which means that in my world, where a full life lived at taxpayers expense watching cable, lifting weights, and having gay sex is worse than the gas chamber or electric chair, I actually am coddling terrorists, because I don't wish that awful fate on them

Kerry on Vietnam:

I served in Vietnam, with a band of brothers, who I later told the Senate were really a bunch of monsters, and I called myself a war criminal, but I still deserve to be Commander-In-Chief, because I won three purple hearts, though two were for self-inflicted wounds, and none required surgery, and I won more decorations for dispatching with the enemy, who happened to be a wounded Viet Cong teenager running away who I shot in the back, but I won those medals fair and square, and then pretended to throw them away at an anti-war rally supported by Jane Fonda, who once manned anti-aircraft guns aimed at my "band of brothers" but that's okay because they really weren't MY medals, they were some other guys' medals, and you shouldn't even be asking me about anything that I did after I left a boarding school in Switzerland because BUSH LIED

Friday, August 06, 2004

Kerry Lies

As I type this, there is a Google ad at the top of this page for the official John Kerry Website. The title of the ad: "Help Re-defeat Bush"...

Excuse me? "Re-defeat"?

It's more than a little pathetic that the myth of the 2000 election being "stolen" now apparently has the official blessing of the Democratic Party's nominee in 2004. Let's hope the dishonest bastards lose another close one this time around too...