Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Final Moments Aboard Flight 93 

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Why Bush Could Win Relatively Easily

Read this.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

John F-ing Kerry

He doesn't need Botox. He needs this.
Sam Donaldson

Is he a deranged murderer? Possibly...

Monday, July 05, 2004

Another Reason To Hate Canada

They are brainwashing their kids to hate us!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Moore's Lies

Itemized here.

Friday, July 02, 2004

A Two-Front War

The US military vs. terrorists - and the media.

The Washington Post

Don't trust their anti-American spin on Iraq.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Media Spin

From here:

The former head of a Republican consulting group has pleaded guilty to jamming Democratic telephone lines in several New Hampshire cities on Election Day two years ago.

The jamming involved more than 800 computer-generated calls and lasted for about 1 1/2 hours on Nov. 5, 2002, the day voters decided several races, including a close Senate contest between outgoing Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and GOP Rep. John E. Sununu, who won by fewer than 20,000 votes.

This leaves the impression that the Republicans "stole" this election with "dirty tricks."

However, let's dig a little deeper in order to search for the truth here.

New Hampshire had, in November 2002, 690,159 registered voters. Only a little more than a quarter of NH voters are registered Democrats. The rest are either Republicans, Independents, or registered with some third-party.

In order to believe that this little "dirty trick" cost the Democrat Jeanne Shaheen the election, you must also believe that 90 minutes without access to telephones cost Democrats roughly 20,000 votes. 20,000 votes is roughly 3% of registered voters in the state.

Now let's figure in the turnout factor. 50% turnout is probably being charitable in an off-year election (I don't have the exact figures). That would mean roughly 350,000 people voted in 2002. 20,000 is roughly 6% of that figure.

We must dig still deeper in order to get a clearer picture. One assumes that the Democrat Party in New Hampshire was calling only registered Democrats on Election Day. So, 25% of 350,000 is roughly 90,000 voters. And 20,000 is over 22% of 90,000.

In other words, if one assumes that the GOP "stole" the NH Senate election in 2002, they must also assume that a mere hour and a half outage of the phones at the Democrat Party's HQ on Election Day cost them nearly a quarter of their base's vote! (And I'm sure the campaign workers ended up just using their cell phones to overcome the problem anyway, pretty much mooting the intended effect of this attack.)

The media will not dig this deep, however. They will just imply that Republicans use illegal methods to steal elections. (And remember, this guy wasn't even a part of the official campaign!)

This is why people hate and distrust the media. Sometimes, they almost make Michael Moore look credible by contrast.


A wild-eyed Saddam Hussein appeared in court today. Take a close look at this kook. He looks a little like Manson, no?
Bill Cosby

Quotes from here

"You've got to stop beating up your women because you can't find a job, because you didn't want to get an education and now you're (earning) minimum wage," Cosby said. "You should have thought more of yourself when you were in high school, when you had an opportunity."

Wow! "The Coz" once again upsets the black victimhood apple cart. And this time even Jesse Jackson agrees:

"Bill is saying let's fight the right fight, let's level the playing field," Jackson said. "Drunk people can't do that. Illiterate people can't do that."

If this had been the message for the last 40 years, instead of well-meaning but ineffective "Great Society" welfare programs, there might have been some improvement in the situation of the black community. Let's hope this is not the last we hear of such harshly-worded but motivational rhetoric.