Monday, March 22, 2004



Bush now leads in Arizona and has a huge lead in Nevada!

Also, one poll has him ahead in Michigan.

This is big news. The paid-media attacks on Kerry should continue for the rest of March, at least. Then, after having defined the man for the public, Bush should let up until the summer. He should save the majority of his cash for the post-Labor Day election-year frenzy.

But Kerry is looking weaker and weaker. It seems only a downturn in the economy (unlikely) would kill a Bush re-election now.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Hero Of The Day

Read this.


Looking back on Bush vs. Gore, Professor Joseph Olson of the Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, gives us a shrewd perspective. Adding up the counties in the U.S. won by the two candidates, it was Gore 677, Bush 2,434. Taking the population of those counties, it was 143 million for Bush, 127 million for Gore. In square miles of land won, Gore 580,000, Bush 2,427,000. The murder rate in Gore counties, 13.2 per 100,000 residents, contrasted with 2.1 in the Bush counties.


Two things are worthy of note here.

#1 - Bush, who was getting crushed in all the previous NH polls by Kerry, is now in the lead (with or without Nader). This is a state Bush narrowly won in 2000. I had written off this state in 2004, and it looks like I'm wrong. My apologies.

#2 - Check out the potential Nader vote. Only 4% of Dems in NH are likely to vote for him. But 9% of Republican voters are leaning towards Nader (the same number Kerry gets among Republicans)! To me, this is a possible sign that McCain Republicans in the Granite State are still looking for a White Knight to steal the show. Maybe Jesse Ventura will run as the VP pick for Nader in 2004, and they will wind up taking away the election from Bush? Time will tell...

Friday, March 19, 2004


First, read this.

Important points:

Arizona is leaning Kerry. Bush must stress his support for a drug entitlement here. That could be the deciding factor in a close race in a state with lots of old people.

California is looking like Kerry territory. Governor Arnold needs to get out in front and boost Bush if there is any hope of a Bush win in this Electoral College vote-rich state. Otherwise, it's a done deal for Kerry.

Florida: Bush needs to win this. He's currently behind, but the political machinery in this state is in his favor (his brother is Governor). Jewish voters are important in this state, and I suspect they will be more likely to vote for Bush in 2004 than they were in 2000. No recount here. Hopefully...

Michigan: If Kerry chooses Gephardt as his running mate, Michigan is in the bag for the Dems. But if he chooses someone else, I suspect a close match-up. I still think Kerry gets the Electoral College votes, though.

Nevada: Bush must win here. His support for placing nuclear waste inside Yucca Mountain won't help. Kerry might pick this one off.

New Hampshire: Kerry will win. The Democrats have managed to inflame the populace here, and I expect they will carry the day in November.

Ohio: Bush is currently down. He must win this state. He and Rove know this. They will put all the needed resources into capturing Ohio in 2004, and they will be successful.

PA: This state went Gore in 2000. It would help Bush a great deal in 2004 if he can win it. And he can, despite the Democrat Party being in control. Focus some ads here, and it's a huge pick-up for Bush in 2004.

It's not listed, but I suspect NY is also in play in 2004. A good convention there could win Bush the Empire State. And the election.

Friday, March 12, 2004

The Dutch

You can do almost anything in the Netherlands. Drugs, fine. Prostitution, okay. Sex with animals, no problem.

Oh yeah, and the Netherlands also allows Gay Marriage. One wonders whether there is any connection between a society that allows same-sex marriage and one which finds it difficult to ban intercourse with ponies.

The moment same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land in the US, I am going to demand that polygamy also be legalized. After all, if the average Joe has two or three wives to come home to each night, instances of adultery will surely decrease...

Tuesday, March 09, 2004



The headline says it all: Bush Launches Attack on Kerry. Not Bush criticizes Kerry's voting record or Bush questions Kerry's positions. Nope, it's merely an "attack."

More fun quotes:

"President Bush attacked Democratic opponent John F. Kerry on Monday..."

"a crowd of wealthy fellow Texans..."

"Bush reached back nine years..."

" The intensity of the attack by Bush was unusual..."

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Andrew Sullivan

He is slowly becoming a Democrat. I guess your position on the War on Terror doesn't matter, as long as you support the "right" of homosexuals to marry (even though Kerry says he doesn't support such a thing).

Bush better hope the election doesn't come down to a recount of the votes in Key West. The homosexuals are gonna vote for ABB (Anybody But Bush) in 2004.

To make up for the loss of gay votes, maybe Bush should court black voters by mentioning his support for a stable Haiti and Liberia. While Clinton did nothing to stop the slaughter in Rwanda, Bush is doing what he can to prevent such horrors from occuring in other mostly-black countries.