Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Good ol' Walter Shapiro serves up some more of his tiresome anti-Bush blather here.

He seems to want the President to force America's only strong and steady ally in the Muslim world to hold elections ASAP. And what result would that likely have? Probably the American ally Musharraf losing power to some Islamo-nationalist, leading to increased difficulty realizing victory in the still-unfinished business in Afghanistan.

Let's try to remember that Pakistan is a nuclear power, with a highly radicalized population. A moderate general is currently in power, and is doing nearly everything he can to help us in our War on Terrorism. Democratic reforms do us no good at this time. Let Musharraf hold power until the war has been largely won, and in the meantime get him to secularize the populace. Eventually, the people of Pakistan will be ready for democracy. But now is not the time.

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